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Other paper bags

We offer production of other types of paper bags

·         with Congreve embossing

·         with UV varnish

         from various types of design paper

         non-standard forms

Paper bags with Congreve embossing

Congreve creates a convex or concave relief image on the paper.

Most often, this embossing is used to create logos of companies, companies, children's sports clubs, so that packages are refined and turned into effective advertising.

Packages with UV varnish

This is one type of packet processing. After that, they become more beautiful and protected from external influences.

UV varnish is applied to the laminated parts of the packages to highlight the design elements. Such paper bags will not go unnoticed. They are used for advertising purposes, as a way to emphasize the status of the company.

Paper bags made of different types of paper

We use different texture and color design paper. Additionally, use of offset printing techniques, zone the UV-varnish, relief stamping, foil embossing. They make it easy to create stylish corporate packages.

Custom-shaped paper bags

We implement any idea. We will make packages with finishing, cutting, a window covered with a transparent film, we will develop a stylish design.

Paper bags with foil stamping

The method of stamping an image using heating allows you to make the package more memorable and bright. We use gold and silver foil.

We offer durable paper bags that can withstand a weight of up to 15 kg made of thick cardboard with a reinforced bottom.

We will produce packages of standard and non-standard sizes.