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Laminated paper bags


Bags with lamination are a great option for packing a corporate gift, emphasizing a special attitude to colleagues. Therefore, you can order any number of packages, according to the author's design.

Here you can order packages with lamination wholesale and retail. Print on a ready-made sketch or design based on your wishes. It is possible to produce packages with lamination and logo application.

Bags are made of thick paper and are additionally laminated after drawing and writing.

Stylish, interesting packages with kelp are popular among manufacturers, shop owners and buyers. They create a positive mood and attract customers. Special machines are used for matte or glossy lamination of packages.

Why is it profitable to order packages with lamination from us?

The main advantages of such packages include:

·         Large selection of formats. Printing laminated gift bags of any size in bulk.

         Thanks to the smooth and flat surface, it is possible to apply an illustration, logo, text.

         For convenience, we use ribbon handles made of twisted craft, laces. This is a great solution for preparing stylish gifts for colleagues, original packaging for a gift.

When ordering the production of gift laminated bags, you must take into account what purposes they will be used for, what sizes and colors the packages should be, what inscriptions, drawings, and basic colors will be used.

We offer production of packages with lamination from environmentally friendly materials. We offer cooperation to owners of small souvenir shops, gift and flower boutiques, and large customers. We work with both large and small wholesale.

You can make an application yourself via the website or by contacting the Manager by phone.