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Design adaptation

Design adaptation is a service that allows you to implement any idea. Our company's designers will use modern equipment and prepare the design of packaging and printing for printing with high quality prepress preparation.

At this stage:

·         Color tests are performed.

The goal is to best meet the Customer's requirements. Thanks to special spectrophotometers, it is possible to obtain an accurate color test.

·         Actual adaptation of the design

If the customer's company does not have a designer, our specialists will adapt the sent packaging layout. In addition to selecting the color palette, it is important to place the elements correctly, according to the customer's technical requirements.

Cost of adapting the design

Prices for adapting the design directly depend on the timing, format, and complexity of the task. All work is performed by experienced specialists who specialize in adapting the packaging design and printing. Be sure to take into account the wishes of the Customer, who always has the right to choose. For this purpose, three or more design options are being prepared.

After adaptation, editing, and layout, the final layout of the box, packaging, bags, or printed printing is ready for printing.

At each stage, from the moment the design is adapted, all details are agreed and quality control is carried out.

To use our services, fill out a brief or send a technical task with examples. We work quickly, you will be satisfied with the quality of services.