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About Us

SIA “BALTIC IBC PRINT” - a stable and reliable company which is more than 15 years providing professional service for the production of exclusive paper products - paper bags and representational paper packing


The experience of our company, responsible staff, advanced equipment, great variety of papers used in the production process, various methods of printing (offset printing, emboss and hot stamping, UV lacquering), allows in the shortest possible time paper bags of high quality that meet Your needs and wishes

OUR PRODUCTS – effective element of advertising

Today paper packages - creative, quality and effective promotional tool targeted to increase the company's turnover

We produce paper bags is not only exclusive, presentable and original packaging for Your corporate directory, gift or presentation materials, but also a great advertising medium, which for a long time will remain in the memory of man

Your ad or logo on paper bags will bring even more pleasure from not only the acquired product or service, but also the appearance, which sometimes cause the client to go back and buy those again and again


§  high quality paper bags

§  fast production time

§  strict control of the production process

§  professional attitude and result

§  individual approach to each client

§  flexible pricing policy


§  we know and love our work

§  we work without subcontractors

§  we have a modern production, equipped with powerful equipment

§  we have more than 230 forms of standard size packages

§  offer to produce small order quantities - starting from 50 PCs.

§  we offer different types of paper bags and their finishes


We are proud that our clients are highly respected companies and organizations of Latvian, Scandinavian and European market, which it has entrusted to us the production of paper bags for their products and services
| us manufactured paper bags can be found in Latvia, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Germany, Austria and many other countries |


§  to create strong, trusting relationships, satisfying the needs and requirements of the clients by offering prompt and high quality execution of the order at a favorable price in a short time


§  to promote paper bags as an aesthetic appearance of the packaging is safe for the environment, and also as an effective element of advertising