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Shop window stickers

You can order window stickers from us. This is a stylish and original product that allows you to attract the attention of potential buyers, customers with a bright picture, inscription.

With their help, you can decorate the glass wall of the children's center, office, Windows of residential buildings for a holiday or celebration, for advertising. Shop window stickers are ordered by stores, beauty salons, repair shops to inform customers about discounts, promotions, new product arrivals, etc.

We offer stickers of different formats. The sizes can be any and depend on the specific case, the technical task of the Customer.

Advantages of cooperation

·         We work with vinyl, film, paper, cardboard of different density, it is possible to apply embossing, spraying, making cutting.

·         We will develop a layout and submit for approval 3 layouts to choose from.

·         Meet deadlines, work with regions, and send stickers in bulk around the world. There is a reliable and fast delivery channel for products to Western and Northern Europe.

·         We use state-of- the-art equipment and carry out quality control at every stage of our work.

It is easy to work with us, as we provide 90% of our services on a turnkey basis. This means that you fully trust us. Our employees prepare the layout, then approve it, develop a sample for printing, produce the necessary number of stickers, and deliver them to the address.

To order sticker printing please contact us in any convenient way.