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Stickers are made fast and they are inexpensive

Stickers are most often ordered in order to mark a product or to fasten two flaps of a cardboard box. We provide the service of urgent printing of stickers to order from stickers with delivery.

What can we offer you?

We work with modern equipment that allows us to produce high-quality stickers at affordable prices. These stickers are excellent advertising products, which we make large and small wholesale.

You can order from us:

·         Round stickers on product boxes.

·         Information and advertising stickers.

·         Wall-mounted, for window, home, car.

·         Stickers for home photo sessions.

The site contains samples that can be used as examples. You can order stickers based on the author's design, explain what you want, Express your wishes to the designer, and he will make a sample that can be adjusted and brought to the ideal.

Printing is done on self-adhesive. The quality of the material is high; we work only with trusted suppliers of raw materials. We carry out quality control at every stage of work, which will allow us to guarantee the high quality of the finished product.

Production time is 1-3 days. We deliver to regions by the carrier chosen by you, in the city-by courier. All the details are agreed at the time of registration the order.

You can provide your own layout or use the one suggested by our designers.