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Label is a tag that will tell you more than the Manager

Cardboard labels, clothing labels are tags that no clothing company or factory can do without.

A properly designed label or label sometimes tells more than a Manager about a garment product. It contains information about the product and manufacturer. This is an important attribute of sales. No modern store can do without it today.

We produce labels in the style of a retail chain, taking into account the wishes and colors that the Customer likes. Here you can order concise, strict and inexpensive labels at the manufacturer's price. The size and design is specified during checkout. We offer the development and printing of labels for food and non-food products.

The main advantages of working with us:

·         We will make a memorable label for your brand on clothes made of cardboard and paper.

·         We carry out finishing of labels and labels after printing.

·         Style and brightness of the label will be added: embossing, Congreve, UV varnish, matte and glossy lamination, perforation, creasing, curly cutting.

·         Apply a bar code or unique number to the label or label.

·         We make small editions, large ones, deliver to the city by the carrier chosen by you.

To place an order, contact the Manager. Specify what the design should be, how many units will be needed, and agree on a personal discount if you order a large number.

We will answer all your questions. We will promptly fulfill the order. Waiting for your call.