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Die-cutting (other names for the method of post-printing processing products cutting and punching) is the process of cutting through a printed image, a curly contour. Produced on paper, cardboard, fabric, polyethylene, plastic, leather.

Using cutting, you can create non-standard, irregular-shaped printed products.

If you need to make a package, label, box, folder, envelope or POS materials with a slot, this method of decorating printing products is ideal.

First, according to the configuration of the slot, a stamp is made, thanks to which you can cut a hole of any shape.

Most often they order a die cut:

         In advertising products.

·         Business documentation (gliders, diaries)

·         On gift, souvenir boxes, packages.

You can order printing of large products in A1 and A2 format with subsequent processing after printing.

We carry out control at every stage, which allows us to guarantee the high quality of services provided.

Delivery to any region of the world is possible. We have established a fast delivery channel for printing in all formats to the countries of Northern Europe.

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