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Lamination of printed products is a service related to the coating of boxes, packages, packages, notebooks, calendars, and other printed products with a protective film.

Lamination allows you to protect the image from external influences.

We use modern devices-laminators. We perform lamination methods of cold, hot, single and double-sided lamination.

Here you can order matte and glossy (soft touch, antiscratch, reljefnuju, gologramnujuidrugie) lamination of any format.

If you need to brand and then make more presentable calendars, booklets, catalogs or advertising brochures, then lamination is ideal.

You can consult the Manager of the printing house for the stages of placing an order, who will tell you which method you should choose after printing.

Features of lamination

This method of post-printing processing is used if it is necessary to protect the printing industry and make it more presentable.

·         Covering the finished product with a protective film allows you to achieve different degrees of gloss-shiny, sparkling, matte.

·         This method of post-printing increases the service life of the product. Texts will not be erased or fade, colors will be brighter, and images will be clearer.

There is a difference between the method of cold and hot lamination. In the cold method, the film is applied by pressing or using a special glue that is afraid of heat treatment.

In hot lamination, the film is applied using high temperatures and pressure. With the hot method, you get a more durable application that can withstand serious mechanical loads, exposure to UV rays of the sun, and moisture.

To achieve velvety, matte lamination is used. If you want to place an order or get advice, call us.