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Hand made

Handicraft in printing is the Assembly of paper bags with or without lamination, manual portioning, strong connection of 2 materials from the same or different raw materials using a special press or gluing, box Assembly, pasting, and other types of work.

From the moment of packaging design to the end user, the finished product goes a long way, consisting of automated and handicraft. You can not do without working with your hands when creating holiday printing, non-standard products that have a complex finish.

A machine that ties ribbons, glues applications, Windows, and stitches beads has not yet been developed. These types of services cannot be automated.

Our specialists perform any handicraft related to post-printing processing and design. It is thanks to handicraft that it is possible to achieve the uniqueness of printing products, boxes, and packages.

If you want to use our services, then:

·         Decide on the tasks that need to be solved.

·         Place an order by agreeing the terms of reference with the Manager.

We carry out control at every stage. We report on the work done.

Since we perform all types of work, you can place a turnkey order. For example, the development of the design, layout of the box. It is printed with subsequent gluing and cutting, jamming Windows, gluing applications, and so on.

This will allow you to save on large and small wholesale by placing an order for one service.