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Paper bags procesing

Assembly of paper bags is the final stage of production, which consists of such stages as: folding, gluing with adhesive or tape, strengthening cardboard handles, installing metal or plastic grommets, fixing handles.

If the branded package consists of one part, they are fastened with a single adhesive seam. If the product is a sheet, then two seams are applied.

Features of gluing packages

The correct choice of the bonding method and material will directly affect the quality of the paper bag, its strength.

We cooperate with direct manufacturers of high-quality adhesives and other materials for post-printing processing of printing, so we can guarantee the quality of gluing during Assembly. Often for packages with one-sided lamination, a special glue with residual stickiness is used. You need to know how to choose the right material for working with offset, coated paper, Kraft paper or designer textured paper.

         Our paper bag collectors have extensive experience.

·         Glue any version of products so that the resulting quality meets the needs of even the most demanding customers.

·         We comply with the agreements, working under the contract.

You can already call and order a package gluing or a turnkey service that includes the process of design development, production and bringing packages to the desired condition.

We deliver finished products to any region of the world. We cooperate with direct transport carriers. Call us, we are ready to discuss the details.