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Folding is a method of post-printing processing associated with folding sheets in a notebook. In this case, the volume, format, and sequence of pages can be adjusted. Using rolling methods, you can get magazine and book publications.

This method after printing processing requires special equipment, the use of modern technologies.

In our printing house you can order different types of folding:

         Are mutually perpendicular. When each bend is perpendicular to the previous one.

         Parallel. When the next finger is parallel to the previous one.

·         Combined folding. Perpendicular and parallel bends are used.

When postprinting magazines and books, most often used mutually perpendicular folding, parallel for the production of notebooks, combined for the production of books and albums.

When placing an order, you can consult which folding bend of bookends and covers is best suited for your products. The work is performed manually or on a small-format folding machine.