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ECO Bags / Kraft paper bags

ECO package is a care for nature, safety for people.

ECO packages are bags made of Kraft paper, sewing craft, a dense material made of pure cellulose.

Unlike cellophane, it is environmentally safe and eventually completely decomposes. The picture is clear, does not erase for a long time, clear.

Where Kraft paper bags are used?

         In promotions by applying the logo

         You can order gift bags made of Kraft paper in different sizes, including those made according to your design, to expand the range of packaging materials.

This is a beautiful and durable package with handles. At your request it is possible:

         Relief structuring of the paper.

         Printing on the handle support or inside.

         Coloring the paper in any color.

         Applying a glossy or matte layer.

The size of the bag can be any and is specified during checkout. You can provide a technical task with a clear description of the size and location of the drawing and we will do everything clearly according to your task.

If you care about your customers, customers, and want to show a special attitude to your partners, then be sure to buy wholesale Kraft paper bags.

Appreciate the stylish eco- friendly material. Please your employees , customers, visitors, and partners with a high-quality Kraft paper package and take care of the environment.

216.59€ Ex Tax: 179.00€

Izmērs A5 160mm platums 75mm dziļums 200mm augstums druka cmyk, 100gr. ekopapīrs 100gb –179 eur+pvn..

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