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Custom packaging

Non-standard packaging is anon -standard expression of feelings

Want to stand out from the competition? Order non-standard packaging. We develop a layout and print using printing equipment.

The raw materials used are heavy paper, cardboard, and laminated craft paper. All raw materials are certified and checked before being sent to the production Department of the company for the production of non- standard packaging in bulk.

Secrets of beautiful packaging

Non-standard packaging must be beautiful. This is achieved by modern methods used in printing. We carry out post-printing processing of non-standard packages. Cutting, embossing, and lamination look original.

By working with us, you can count on:

• For quick order processing.

* Compliance with the terms of production of non-standard packages strictly taking into account the technical specifications and your wishes.

We develop layouts of non-standard shapes, so the packaging looks stylish and original. You can order boxes for gifts and sweets in the form of Santa Claus, a car, a house. Original packaging is a mandatory attribute of children's gifts, for Valentine's day, on March 8.

If you want to please customers with high – quality packages of original design-please contact us, we will create an ideal solution for packaging your product.

You can place an order via the website or by phone.


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