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Other types of packaging

We will develop a layout, manufacture other types of packaging, including packaging for alcoholic beverages, exclusive alcohol, gift sets of perfumes, original souvenirs, etc.

What types of packaging can we offer you?

We develop packaging for any product. The design is always at a high level. For us, there are no limits to the imagination of restrictions on color, shape. We offer a wide range of packages. Make:

·         Eco-packaging made of combined materials.

·         Packaging for frozen food, confectionery, pharmaceuticals, coffee, and tea.

·         We are ready to develop original promo packaging layouts. We will produce the required number of copies for the promotion.

How do we work?

A layout is created. We use modern methods and software. Then various methods of packaging personalization are used: we make cutting, engraving, die-cutting, and use other methods after printing

Our main goal is to produce a high-quality and aesthetic product.

Thanks to the skills and efforts of the company's employees, we quickly achieve results.

We cooperate with wholesale Customers from the countries of Northern and Eastern Europe and other countries of the world. We are ready to discuss the details of cooperation.