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New design

Design development is a complex creative process that results in stylish packaging, eco-package,

box, and printed printing (booklets, brochures, labels, and business cards).

If you want to please customers, customers or partners with an original product, product,

diversify workshops, brand a calendar, notepad, then you can't do without developing a design.

Design of printing products consists of the following stages:

   Production of a design layout, template, which will be used for the publication's covers,

filling, packaging, box, etc.

   Editing, selection of illustrations, photos, infographics.

   Layout, formation of a page or page of the publication.

   Photo editing related to color correction, retouching.

   Preliminary preparation for printing.

You can order separately the development of product design or turnkey services from us.

Is it profitable to order a design in our company?

   By working with us, you really get profitable.

   We have been working on the market for more than 20 years .

   Large selection of ready-made layouts and samples.

   We work under the contract, we observe deadlines.

Time and cost

The design development period depends on the complexity. The artist-designer of the company

studies the technical task, coordinates the details with the customer and only then gets to work.

In the terms of reference, it is important to write:

   Details, sizes, colors, fonts.

   Requirements for spatial visualization, location of photos, images, and drawings.

   Logo, text information.

We carry out quality control at every stage. All points are agreed with the customer.

Do you want stylish branded packaging or printing? Order design development in our company.