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We offer rapid binding services-binding on a metal or plastic spring. The method of binding involves binding paper sheets, binding scientific papers, diplomas, books, etc.

This is a specialized process associated with fixing multi-page printing on staples. You can use it to connect different types of documents.

If you are not sure whether the binding method is suitable for you, consult our managers, and they will tell you which method after printing is better to choose in your case.

When ordering a brochure from our company with bindings you can count on:

·         The ability to combine almost any important paper in a single brochure.

·         Documents will have an official, presentable appearance.

·         You can save any amount of information.

·         The order of documents can be any and depends on the Customer's wishes.

·         You can order a brochure up to 50, 100, 200, 300 sheets from us.

In addition to the spring fastening, we perform the fastening using a staple, a paper clip, a seamless adhesive method using thermal glue.

To get advice and place an order for one of the types of brochures with delivery to your region, you can already contact the Manager by phone.