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Posters / Flaers / Promotional forms

Advertising leaflets, posters and flyers are advertising printing that allows you to quickly sell a product or service.


You can order the printing of flyers, leaflets and posters on request. This means that we will take all the trouble to develop the design layout of advertising printing, carry out printing and post- printing processing. Wewillofferyouseveralsolutions.

You can order printing from us:

·         Euro flyers on all types and densities of paper with lacquer coating on both sides. We use Finnish coated paper of excellent quality.

·         Flyers on design paper, offset, office.

·         Miniflyers, withlamination.


A leaflet is a small -sized advertising leaflet that allows you to interact with potential customers, offering them to participate in promotions, give bonuses, and discounts.

·         A4, A5, A6, A7, A8 Formats .

·         Mini- format leaflets, tear-off with perforation, printed on offset, office paper.

·         Flyers with lamination

 We also print posters in A0, A2, A4, A3, B2 format with one- sided color printing.

Regardless of the format of the poster, poster, leaflet or flyer, all work will be performed in accordance with the deadlines. Wecarryoutqualitycontrolateverystage.