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Tell everything you want with NFC!

Tell everything you want with NFC!

No, seriously, we will give you the opportunity to tell your customers absolutely everything you want! No more restrictions.

Innovative technology for creating paper packaging with an integrated NFC chip will eliminate hints.

Technology will help you find unusual ways to interact with the consumer, pass on more ... more information. Catalogs, menus, advertising of accessories for your product, interactive creation, quests. There will be no limits to the imagination of your marketing manager.

Imagine no longer having to enter long furniture assembly instructions for customers or include expensive printed menus in your delivery order for your restaurant. One small NFC chip will save you money and give the customer a comfortable multimedia experience right on their phone.


We will create a unique package for you with built-in NFC technology, and you will be absolutely sure that you will beat your competitors in the fight for customer attention.