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NFC ve QR-code?!

NFC ve QR-code?!

While both technologies may perform similar functions, it is important to understand their differences. Let’s look into the details of these two technologies so that you can make the most informed decision.

So, let’s start; QR codes are a kind of bar code that you can scan with your phone. They are usually encoded into a URL and provide users with digital content related to a physical thing.

One of the main strengths worth noting:

-   Low cost;

-  Simple design;

-  Widespread.


Thanks to these characteristics, QR codes have become widespread in social spheres, in low-cost brands and even in free projects. Thus, QR codes are a widely available function with obvious shortcomings and we do not recommend using them in the marketing of large companies.

Weaknesses of a QR code:

-  Good lighting is needed to read the code. The code will not be read in poor lighting;

-  Subject to physical damage and rapid wear;

-  Reading the QR code may not be safe for the user;

- The low cost makes the QR code attractive to fraudsters, which later causes negative perceptions among users.


Despite their strengths, QR codes have many weaknesses. First, they need enough light for the phone camera to “see” them. Night time or a poorly lit room is a major barrier to using a QR code. Similarly, they can be damaged by either being bent or scratched. Finally, QR codes can be easily duplicated and distributed, and therefore they are not usually effective for protection against counterfeiting and copying.